oooooooooooooooooooooffff and this time i mean it

wow – that was a trip. you guys are so awesome 🙂  thanks so much to all of you for coming – my faith in people collaborating to make things happen is still fully intact, as is my faith in people to poo and pee seperately 😉  so much of you did so much to help… i’m never going to remember it all but am so grateful for all the jobs and getting bossed around and getting on with what needed to be done – really, thank you
the reality is that i have a pretty vague memory of events..  it was a blur of being super busy, extreeeemly drunk to the point i’m not sure if the image of spanish guys hanging off a pick up on saturday was a hallucination or not, mixed in with euphoric – “shit this is actually happening” moments

highlights – in no particular order :  seeing badger looking amazing djing, austin rock jumping into the river dressed as a banana, dancing to ruth’s last few tunes, having a bar :), sharing an oldschool moment with emma and a tape player, hugging, jumping in the river sunday, being a golf ball, hanging out eating cherries and strawberries on saturday morning with lies and truths, the bureau,  phil being more drunk than everyone, xave and jo being the two of the most beautiful people i’ve met this year, etc..

and now for the fun bit where i get to see the photos and hear about your stories and inspiration. (particularly the ones that invovle you moving to spain and forming part of an eco-community on that very site  a HA)


i even recovered enough by thursday to use the words “next year”  😉

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