organising a mini-festival is an interesting, and not entirely pleasant experience. it’s like a roller coaster. every day you have someone cock you about, but to balance it there are so many more people who just love the idea and their support and brilliantness makes it all worthwhile. well almost… what will really make it worthwhile is having an awesome weekend

organisational downs : school not telling me or any colleagues until april that we’re supposed to be at work on the saturday so none of them can come including our flamenco guitarist, greg franklin joining a band booooo ;); the day i shouted at bernat and made him build a toilet even though he’s not coming; gemma borrowing my car while i waited  several impatient hours for her to return complete with full frontal mud covering – the looks we got from people in town were priceless; people who say they’ll do something the first six times you ask them, then forget to tell you when they discover they’ve got a better offer; a 250 euro speeding fine; truth is there’s much more ups 🙂 and as i’ve discovered in previous years it’s only the brilliant people that make it

organisational ups (warning, high cheese content) : theloveofit casually telling me they have it all under control; stefs text yesterday out of the blue telling me he’s bringing a pedal power and 3000w soundsystem setup; duck doing what needs to be done; finding the path to the river successfully, using my eco-ribbon, and making friends with some trail bikers along the way (sorry jamie); pau’s awesome efforts to finish what he started even though he’s got a million things going on in his life; howard coming round to build the bar while i wasn’t there – that’s almost top of the list but it’s a tough call…; gemma and mark putting up with a rainy weekend; hootie not being able to come, my new flatmate staying up til 2am translating with me, people who do what they say they will and particularly architects who produce museum style info boards about the project, everyone who’s put up with me being a complete stress cake and not talking about anything else for months (bernat xx),

chriiiist. this is quite emotional. i warn you i’m gonna be very very sensitive at the party – i might wear a badge saying “please be nice to me i worked as hard as i could. constructive criticism welcome in three months” any sentence starting “you should have…” might cause me to crumble – in a similar way to the collapse Charlie witnessed in carrefour before boodaville 2009. (never do all the shopping in one go then choose a cashier who has nails so long she can only touch the buttons at a rate of one per second)

right then, i’m ready. let’s get this shit on 🙂

see you there buddies xxx

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