double the bathrooms, but half my brain

thanks bernat, sorry i shouted at you when you were just trying to help me get ready for a party

i hope you guys think 2 dry toilets, 2 wash areas and one girls wee toilet is enough for this weekend. remember there are a river and two towns with bars nearby too….

my list of things to buy is long, and every job is nearly but not quite finished. except the bar which will just be a table at this rate, but a very nicely decorated one

i’m off to the maplin website to see if they ship to spain, and if you’re wondering how the real building is going…  unfortunately i am still, very frustratingly, waiting for the permission. i thought i was two weeks away in january 😦

big up all the babies who came to visit this week

hasta pronto

oh and HELP!!!!!! still a few more weekends and i promise i’ll be nice, it works better with more people to diffuse my mentalness

2 thoughts on “double the bathrooms, but half my brain

  1. Hi
    Just came across your site, you say you are waiting for planning permission, there are many ‘structures’ allowed without this process (depending on zoning). With permission you will need Architects and Registered Builders – all very expensive – for what seems a fairly ‘alternative’ approach.
    Good luck and best wishes.

    1. hi peter, thanks for your comment

      i am planning to use the main building for eco-tourism and my main source of income so i’m going through the official channels for that reason, although i’m pretty sure the standard way is to get permission and then not always build exactly that.

      you have a solar business? based in the uk?



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