we made fire. bernat made steps. i’m making a shed out of two bed bases and still battling on with the adobe bricks for the yurt porch

the veg garden is looking super after all the rain, chardtastic

and with the help of teflon and hardware, and a short but animated discussion of physics in the building supply shop, the 1000 litre cube is in place, collecting water and feeding the hosepipe. which is an eyesore, but as i always said part of the ethos is that people can see where things come from, and where they go.

talking of where things go, i emptied a year old dry toilet bucket. it was pretty gross. i’m sure last time i did this it all just looked like nice earth, but this time, hmmmm. by the word of all internet blogs after that long it is not dangerous, but i hid it up and out of the way anyway.

bernat’s best bit was when he made the tap stop leaking, and his worst bit was deciding to use an upsidedown bucket as a stepladder. it didn’t hold. oh, and his other best bit was when he casually said “is that rock supposed to be there?” i was like “yes dear, they hold the roof on.. oh hang on.. darn.. no that massive rock sitting in the gutter is not supposed to be there.”  i’m amazed that the gutter stayed hanging and the mystery of why all last weeks rain yielded only half a tank is explained. gaaarrrrrrhhhhh

a storm on saturday cut short our calçotada (well we hadn’t managed to get calçots it was butifarra mainly) but the sun and a downpour at the same time created a special world of glittering raindrops and waterlogged trees. it also gave me a chance to see where the various buildings leak. the yurt = behind the stove, the house = above the bed. eek. so my best bit of the weekend was when, after a quick inspection i fixed what appeared to be a gaping hole in the roof, just by shifting a few tiles.

jobs done.

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