something you’d never see in the uk, but do see fairly regularly in spain is lorries carrying humungous hundred year old olive trees on the back

i planted some 3 year old fruit trees – nectarine, peach and apple. lets hope they do better than last years. if all goes well, in a few years they’ll be full of fat white blossom like the surrounding orchards. healthy fruit bearing trees are so lush and dense with flowers, it was like driving through snow on the way back with white petals flying around in the wind.

i also created a little world of seeds – (yes, we’re all anxiously waiting the “after” photo in a couple of weeks) and with any luck those of you who come and help out in the next few months will be eating straight from the garden…

as far as building work goes i re-measured the plot to make absoultely sure the design will fit (second time lucky) and am still doing more sections of my amazingly wonky mud wall yurt porch

One thought on “trees

  1. in the olden days they used to bury a dead donkey underneath fruit trees as a slow-release organic fertiliser…
    (stop me if we’ve had this conversation before….)
    the soil there seems quite dry and fine (funny that…), i’d dig a whole load of organic matter in if i could find it (rotted or half rotted, doesn’t matter), just to try and maintain a bit of moisture round the roots.
    hope they do better than the last ones! x

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