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No vas a tener una casa en la puta vida

Me, me…I am!!

by Anna Gurney

This is it, this is my story. If I ever write a book it will be like this, and I am going to pass on all the wisdom I can muster. You can decide for yourself if you think it’s just naivety thinly disguised under a polyester nun’s costume.

I’m going to build a house, relying on the kindness of strangers, the wide-ranging furniture yielded by the streets of Barcelona, and a budget of zero or very fekking close to it. When I’ve finished building my house I will share it. It will become a space for adventurous activities and skills workshops based on the core values of sustainability, justice, health and community. That might sound so cheesy you feel sick, but don’t forget to engage another important organ and think about it for a minute.

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  1. I love this article, I just came across BCN Weekly during my short visit here to Barcelona…I’m leaving the city on Monday and now I want to return to help you build this house! (Though where are you located, I suppose somewhere north?) What a beautiful project and story. Thank you for sharing. My boyfriend gutted and rebuilt his entire apartment in New York but unfortunately it’s a rental and not something like this, which is totally yours. But one day we will follow in your footsteps. Buena suerte.

    1. Hello Aileen – thanks for the lovely message! keep following the blog – let me know when you are back in spain again and i’ll let you know what we’re working on,



  2. Dear Anna,
    I saw this article in BCN and I had a huge smile on my face after reading it. My husband and I live in Barcelona, and our plan was to have a fruit and veggie farm in Tarragona, and build our own eco-friendly home on the same land. We are going to start checking out areas this month. We love the idea that you are building with found material – very creative, and sounds like fun.

    So, if you need hands from time to time, let us know. We’d like to ask you a billion questions at break time over tea.
    -Charlotte & Matth

    1. hello
      thanks for the lovely comment 🙂
      keep following the blog to see what’s going on down here – i’ve put up an events calendar and i’ll answer any questions as best i can in return for extra hands!!
      abrazos and good luck with your project


      1. The Booda Festival sounds great. I’m going to get my tent back next week. Let me know if you need help with setting up the day before!

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