spring has sprung

and gary, although not helpful in the traditional sense of the word, provided entertainment of the surreal kind. mainly because i was reduced to tears of laughter by the idea of one of my neighbours seeing him strolling around in the woods in his shorts, in february, playing the clarinet extremely badly

the truth is, considering this is the first time he’s ever seen a clarinet, that he’s not doing too badly

i, meanwhile, was clearing out the house and putting in a spanking new bed and creating a new feature for the party…. the crack den. an area of junk and mattresses where i hope to provide a cassette player with mixes of approproate music for the after party party.

i was going to do something useful on sunday but our morning bike ride accidently turned into a 30 km jaunt. all part of the tour guide training – mental note: the via verde goes nicely downhill in one direction, but getting back is a haul.

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