well that was cold

the first time i woke up in the night i reckon it could have been below freezing inside the yurt. the stove was cold to the touch. the third time i got up to put more wood in the stove i realised that “slow burning” did not give off enough heat to make us warm.

part of the problem is the holes in the door, poorly covered by blankets. another part of the problem is the fact that it was cold enough outside to freeze a full 5l water bottle solid.

on sunday, by the time the water had boiled (i really need to get a gas burner for the yurt) it was lunchtime, but we still squeezed in a couple of hours of measuring so the architects can go back to the drawing board (since the measuring .. ahem.. incident) i made a perfect 15×8.5m rectangle.

i left the latest pictures in the yurt with my phone – two weeks without a mobile will be interesting – but here are some oldies for you instead – from boodaville 2009 courtesy of gary

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