self-motivation is harder than getting up for work








i beat all my not leaving barcelona in time records this week. i meant to leave sat morning about 10ish and didn’t leave until…. erm… sunday  morning. oops. that means i went down and back in one day which i can categorically state right now i am never doing again. it was working brilliantly until late in the day- no wood burned or chemicals inhaled *smug*, then driving home was nigh impossible and after swerving across a lane i stopped at the services for a nap. never again *smugness wiped off*

a fun-filled day though. i made a right angle on the ground with string, checked it by measuring the hypotenuse of the triangle to see if it matched up with what señor pythagoras said… and it fucking well did.

the bad news is that the length of the building on the plans is 17.5 m and in real life the space available is 15m. who measured that the first time??????   well me, obviously. i’m a bit embarassed to have to admit this mistake to the architects. i might have to take out a bedroom.

after a morning work i met mel and piglet for a mountain walk taking in “picasso’s cave” – apparently he lived there for a couple of weeks many years ago. i bet that wasn’t in january.

that's a right angle there. yes a door, but it works. ask pythagoras.
what you can see is piglets liitle head looking out the back. so cute i had to take a photo


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