my first visit of 2011..

..and i had the luxury of visiting when it wasn’t a weekend; i saw Antonio who sold me the land busy at work paving the road, i saw the market in the town square for the first time (but i didn’t buy any huge bras) and the building shop was open so i could cut an iron bar into pieces that i will use as pegs. My next job is to properly mark out the refugio* i’m so close to getting planning permission for.

* this is the new official name for the larger building, with bathrooms, 3 guest bedrooms and a multi-use sala that i am building on the second terrace. (there has been much name confusion which is now over)

toxic :  the stove smells funny and i convinced myself in the evening that i was breathing in poison and slept with the door open and the stove off. luckily it was a whoping 5º. the next day i went to visit a german lady called Claudia who has built a place overlooking the river very very far from anywhere – she has the same stove problem and her builder is fixing it.

wrinkly : i thought the olives were too far gone to be picked. they looked very dried up, but marcos said they’re ok and i should get them. in total i have about 2 kilos – that’s pisspoor. the best trees were the wishing tree, and the ones on the very bottom terrace. better luck next year

do lizards start life like frogs? these dudes were swimming in the uncovered water barrel. they are not tadpoles.


3 thoughts on “my first visit of 2011..

  1. it’s a bit hard to see, but i reckon they’re probably mosquito larvae rather than lizards 😦 i think most lizards lay eggs.

    ps. next time you’re in town on market day, could you get me a huge bra? i’ve put on a little weight over christmas…


  2. how dissapointing. they are quite big for mosquitoes…
    i will keep an eye on them and exterminate as necessary.
    although having said thet they have probably been frozen solid times over these cold nights, that might have done it

  3. don’t you believe it! darn tenacious buggers them mozzies….

    perhaps a little experiment with them in a jar with a mesh lid on a windowsill somewhere might elucidate – ah sweet memories of youth….

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