the beginning of the house

no photos i’m afraid, nothing to see here except 7 stakes in the ground incorrectly marking the corners of the building. a good lesson in why not to judge right angles by eye in the campo.

it was a worthwhile exercise just to see how the shape nearly fits on the ground.. especially since it’s a bit to large – so we’re going to have to change some measurements before i do it properly anyway

drama: there was a heavy frost this morning. to combat it i put a shitload of wood on the burner. “yes, it’s like a furnace and the waters nearly boiling”, then all of a sudden… “shit the chimney didn’t look like that before!!” what was a pattern of flakes of metal had turned into a smooth grey surface. i closed all the vents and threw water in the stove, creating heavy smoke which i had to open the door to get rid of.  but stove working fine again afterwards with a normal amount of wood and it cooked a sweet potato nicely. the duck tape around the aluminium sheet is a little bit dried out. SAFETY POINT  – i keep a fire extinguisher in the yurt like a good scout.

rabbit: juanito, friend, yurt cover maker and hunter, invited me and marcos to eat his killings. i’ve never really eaten rabbit, but it was amazing.. possibly the sauce more than the meat.




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