outside it was cold enough to freeze the water in the kitchen sink solid

inside the yurt : 22º

hell yeah

the chemical smoke mostly burnt away by late friday night and my chorizo chick pea soup was cooking on the stove. i would never have eaten that 4 years ago. i’m turning catalan

when i watered the cabbages at midday the water turned to ice as i poured it on the ground. flakes of ice sitting on the soil in the sun. i think this frost has killed the grapes. darn, that’s the second time this year

i got horseshit in my eye. and learnt a bit about rendering and the flicking technique required to make it stick to the wall. call me paleta gurney. the second batch of horseshit/powerdered milk/oil.. etc mixture turned out just as rank as the first, but the wall is very nearly straight

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