diy chimney instalation follwed by fire emergency

Friday : misson – buy a stove and one of these:12:00 Encants market – stove €89, hot water bottle €6.95  (how did i ever live without one..)

12:30 asked around – hardware store, then industrial machine type shop and am now waiting outside a tiny backstreet door labeled “metallisteria”. a woman in a tabard  moping the pavement assured me he would be back soon.

12:47 have decided to stick the chimney fitting together with velcro and just bought some

13:07 give up waiting, but then bump into metal man on the street who grumpily talks in terms of “days” to cut the aluminium and he wants exact measurements. apart from anything else this sounds pricey. (i am on a budget of zero- or verrry fecking close to)

13:28 at the organic veg. patch in horta to buy little baby cabbage, cauliflower, chard and leeks from a man in a wheelchair whose daughter speaks english and mandarin.

15:45 at Leroy Merlin (ie B&Q) where they have some aluminium but cut nothing to size

16:00 followed a sign saying aluminium at the industrial estate, they gave me directions to a place that actually sells aluminium who are now giving me extremely convoluted directions to the other industrial estate where i may be able to get what i need.

16:25 chuffed about successfully following directions but can’t remember shop name, randomly pull in here to ask directions. my, is that a pile of metal offcuts next to a huge machine that slices metal? i think it is

the  stubbly man in a boiler suit was smoking while he found a sheet roughly the right size and got to work. the heavy machine pins down the metal then “bummff” slices it. he played around with tubes connected to compressed air and then used a solder to cut the circle.

between him and the other guy who had his ipod on while trying to resurrect a rusty car chassis i was expecting a horrific accident at any moment. my joy at finding this cheap and cheerful workshop was slightly dampened when it turned out not to be cheap – €10 was double what i expected, but i got it. yoop.

15:48 the windfarm near Caseres looks kind of impressive when there’s an orange sunset.

19:18 building supplies shop Calaceite : after discussing the best positioning for the chimney jigsaw and which types of tape i need for fudging together things that get hot, i was gossiping with the owners of the shop about the english caravan invasion and how the council is trying to ban them. i can understand why when the only light apart from the stars on the Arens road is from a tv inside a luxury motorhome parked permanently in a deserted valley.

21:35 soup and trying to decide if karl pilkington could ever be funny

22:10 hot water bottle, wooly hat, fluffy socks and two duvets

Saturday : mission – put the stove in and go to an “eco-fair” in a nearby town

10:07 building a wall out of a mixture of horseshit and powdered milk which has now gone sour and absolutely stinks

11:00 deciding where to put the stove

11:12 clearing out the insects i found living in the folds of the insulation. this could be a fun weekly task 😦

11:32 still deciding where to put the stove so there’s maximum gap between the chimney and the wall

15:32 done but not tested and on the way to Ráfales

17:35 beautiful town, shit fair.

i don’t think a stand with imported plastic toys should be allowed to feature in anything eco. there were a couple of people promoting biomass and a talk on farm subsidies by a dull government bod. i was happy to stick it out until he finally reached his point, but Marcos was less patient.

18:35 after dark waterfall exploration – El Salt – AWESOME!!

19:05 stopped for a beer in Valderobres

02:35 after two hours in an almost empty bar playing eurocheese techno Marcos is still insiting this is the last drink befroe he takes me home. why didn’t i drive?????

the streets are rammed with gangs of teenagers  in tiny skirts and thigh high boots. this is their night of the year or something, hundreds of them totttering and shouting.

“no Marcos i don’t want to go to the disco with them….”

04:52 home at last and its cold enough to warrant stove testing

04:58 yurt filled with chemical smelling smoke, water thrown on fire and evacuation to sleep in the house. more experimentation required during daylight hours with company. there was a definite panic right there, is this because i bought the cheap stove? eeeek

Sunday : mission – plant veg, tidy up and go home

20:17 success

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