the grim reality of winter

this weekend had too many low points. mainly a cold combined with shoulder pain and the discovery that smoke from the woodburner sent my itchy dry eye syndrome into overload. being both unhealthy and cold is not fun, one or other and i can maintain my chirpy persona but with both i was basically a zombie (constantly after tea instead of human flesh).

it was 2 degrees in the yurt when i woke up on saturday morning and those first two hours out of bed,  until me and the sun could reach the same rock, were tough. obviously the best solution would have been curl up in bed with the warmth of the stove, but the damn shoulder pain was saying get out of bed. and there’s no yurt stove.

the thermometer was busy though – by 3pm it was 26 degrees and visitors had arrived with paella ingredients (thanks sooo much mel and jamie for cooking and dishes you are wonderful). the bonfire turned out small and extremely bbq like but the mulled wine went down well and we cheersed 2 years of land owning in the appropriate style.

packing away on sunday was uncomfortably baltic – with or without sun the temperature seems to plummet at about 3pm and i was very ready to get the hell out of there.  solutions are nigh, however:: i’m erring towards the woodburner combined with ski goggles option.

wonderful spanish bureacracy at work : the ayuntamiento office in the tiny village of Arens (134 people) is mostly closed. imagine my surprise when i managed to get into the building to deliver a document out of hours. on the offchance i asked how i might get a permit to have a bonfire and within 5 minutes the nice lady had opened the office, filled in and stamped the form, and even backdated it so that that the “bonfire” was very nearly legal.

things change : i forgot that this would happen over the two years. the british invasion seems to be in full swing with 2 uk cars spotted in the teeny Arens and a walk down my backgarden (the ValRovira) revealed spanking new bridleway signs – although vague enough to be of no use, and a masia about an hours walk away undergoing a full reforma….  the valley is getting fuller.

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