insulated but creaking..

to those of you who don’t believe in the strength of the yurt, i have to admit that the roof blew off on monday. but only partly and only until me and bernat wrestled with it and forced it back down again with more tent pegs. it creaks quite a lot now

but on the bright side there’s a proper double bed in it now – ha ha! it fitted through the tiny hobbit door!!  the sides have been pegged down and covered with gravel for the winter and we hung up (fireproofed) curtains/blankets/towels all over the inside for insulation.

the porch wall continues to be an interesting experiment in building with fecal matter. the second section perches relatively precariously on top of the first – this wall will not be very straight – and i’ll be very impressed if our carefully m¡xed render is actually weatherproof; horseshit, flour and water goo, powdered milk, straw, sand, and olive oil.

over at the vegetable patch the chard and the carrots seem to have survived two weeks without water, but the rest of it was looking very very dead 😦 i’m going to plant a load  more winter veg in a few days….  what should i be planting????

oh and for any catalans reading, who may be overexcited to hear about our mushroom hunting adventures, we just found one. the rest were incomestibles. it was a great walk up the hill though, with a view away down the Val Rovira from the top. walking back through Manuel’s valley you could see his ruin from below, it’s humongous, built in and around some beautiful overhanging rocks. it may be those very rocks that, according to Benita, have pre-historic paintings on them. It’s great to get on with the neighbours – when i arrived on friday there was a sack of almonds and a note from Manuel on the table. yay!!!

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