you should always speak to strangers at the beach

the jury was out on this last thursday when at waikiki the stranger in question was wanking at me, but it’s a definite yes after meeting esteban yesterday – it turns out he is a tree surgeon who’s built eco-villages and just happens to be a canyoning and climbing guide. sweet.

in fact i’ve been making loads of friends this weekend. pat the american ranchero let me shovel myself six more bags of horseshit, then took me on a tour to the backcountry where he buys straw. mel (creator of awesome bhajis), jamie (“you can’t really mountain bike down that!!?!”) and piglet (a softie pitbull) showed me their via verde neighbourhood, which included some spontaneous canyon exploration on the Caneletes.

I was less fond of the praying mantis eating its husband over my bed in the yurt and the scorpian who joined me in the shower. my first scorpian sighting!! there he was on the shower tray where i had been standing starkers seconds earlier. truth be told he was small, yellow, drowning and looked like my barefoot would have won.

as far as work goes check out this weeks progress via the medium of the camera phone:

6 thoughts on “you should always speak to strangers at the beach

  1. This is looking good, Anna! You are really getting into the lifestyle out there! How did the baby visit go?

    1. hey thanks elsa!! baby visit is booked in but hasn’t happened yet.. i’ll let you know

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