the wine’s in

almost a shedload of grapes

Manuel, his wife and I were out in the fields cutting the bunches of tempranillo and talking about the ancient rock paintings they remember from their childhood – about 20m from my place. i haven’t found them yet

overall this was an entirely random weekend : thursday at the centre of the dutch holiday universe, near Cambrils, with a bunch of fairly well known soul djs and a toff named charles. i ended up sleeping in the van next to the beach. probably not legal, but it was only in my dream that someone caught me.

friday : i drove the windy route back to my place, far too curvy for 8am, but i passed right under the mountain with the huge plateau that i look at from the highway each trip.

hundreds of litres of water and look what i have to show for it

i managed to get an appointment with the council man about my planning permission but it was a spanish mañana situation in the most frustrating of ways. so i bought myself a present

spot the new item

then i tried to get to work.

have you ever done a job that is so ridiculously bad that when you give up and decide to take it to a professional you can’t because your attempt is an embarassment?  trying to cut the hole to put the sink in has worked out like this. i broke 4 of the miniscule saw blades that Mr R the technology teacher helped me procure. before each breakage a wiggly line crept a few milimetres around the edge of the circle. talk about the wrong tools for the job, i have brought the whole attempt back to barcelona and realised that i’ll do much better with a penknife saw. with the rapid approach of winter and a list of jobs including : stove in, insulation up, build porch, i do not have time for this cocking around. get a grip gurney.

the rain started in the afternoon and by 17h i was truly stuck at the yurt. thanks to movistar for the mysterious disappearing phone signal.

a rainy walk
up the hill

woke up to a fine day saturday. after a short attempt at using a drill to saw around the sink whole (that didn’t work) i got down to manuels for more grape picking. i made the mistake of getting into city clothes before i went to pressure wash the mud out of my wheel arches and arrived back in bcn splattered.

this weeks prize question :

i found this in the tool box, what is it?

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