fitting a sink, (no thanks to phil)

something tells me that a piece of chipboard from an old cupoboard is not strong enough to support a sink, but when has that ever stopped me before? Marcos told me again that he thinks the whole ger will come down at the first snowfall

so i bought those cheap a-frame things and fixed some extra supporting metal bits, layed the chipboard on top and spent ages making it fit neatly over the screws, then spent a proper ages trying to draw a smaller circle exactly 2.6 cm inside the outline of the sink

finally got round to the fun bit – sawing the hole out – and was rudely brought to a halt by phil breaking saw blade approximately 3 seconds after he started “helping”

so as usual, next weeks job is just a continuation of last weeks. one day i will learn that things take a really long time. (and never think about how fast it could be done if you took it to the wood shop)

good news : la pesquera near beceite is properly lush and swimming under the waterfalls for ten minutes made up for all the DIY sweating,

bad news : erm, ahem, bed bugs – there’s still a few hanging out in the guest suite. damn and DAMN, saw gary naked – to go with the testicle leakage mentioned in a previous post, (maybe that should be good news, sorry gary)

winner of the shooting star contest : phil with 225 points

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