the guest suite is nearly ready

any guests coming?

i made a short list and then did everything on it. a good way to work.

one of my rainwater barrels is slightly higher than the other so i figured if i channel the overflow into the lower barrel eventually both will be filled with no effort by me. but what to make the channel out of? the little pointy canvas teat that i cut off the top of the ger (yurt) is unfortunately occupied with a condensation collecting experiment – so far fruitless- but luckily there was some broken porcelain and a scuzzy half full tin of something “waterproof” that i picked off the street.   i found the best fitting piece of bowl, the tin turned out to contain black tarry stuff which i paleted on with a piece of twig and taped it together while it dries.

its not dry yet

but most importantly i finally filed the house. i transformed all the old tent inners into mattress covers and created the spongiest double bed ever complete with bedside table and lamp : )  i found some lovely birthday gifts from 2009 including bub’s card with instructions for dealing with my olives

UPCOMING LAND EVENTS for your calendar…

WORKING THE VINEYARD (end sept/oct)  see more

MUD WALL BUILDING WEEKEND (sept 17th) see more

ANNIVERSARY LUNCH  Sunday November 7th (lets hope its sunny this year)

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