festinho to bcn, it was long

as you can see many of the motorways look rather similar

10:00 leave festinho

14:35 ferry from dover

16:43 drive 20km in the wrong direction, the worst tolls are the ones you have to pay for mistakes

18:05 all batteries for music players now dead. hooray for peter dixie’s 1998 mix tape

20:23 where the hell am i going to sleep

21:00 not in one of the 50 euro hotels in Evreux

22:16 with a steak in my belly i black out the windows of the van and cosy down parked in a choice residential street

04:15 i can hear a car engine running, i swear its been going for over ten minutes.. what are they doing???

07:03 oh shit, thats still english time, its actually 8 am when i scramble itchy eyed into the front seat to drive to an aire for a wee and a wash

09:53 feeling dizzy at services. tea, croissant and a walk in the purple heather woods to do some stretching. do that thing where i walk face first into a spider’s web again

13:65 trying to write lists while driving

15:23 can i remember the name of all my co-workers after a two month break or am i going to embarass myself tomorrow?

16:16 WHAT THE HELL IS THAT NOISE?? hover between motorway and lane to turn off and find garage. sod it, only 600k to go

17:00 preoccupied by deciding whether noise is really bad, better or just in my head. added anxiety probably helps me stay awake

18:23 beeaaacchh it just draws me in and a cool 223 km from home i can afford it. why do the french insist on stinking squat toilets? the design flaw is simply that most of the piss ends up outside the area that gets flushed

21:37 am i really going to make it with just this petrol?

23:02 showered and in bed

(geek details : total cost 174 euros in tolls and diesel but i drove very slowly. and the bit on the national (n 154) road near chartres is hell at 10am. Calais, Abbeville, Rouen, Dreux, Chartres, Orleans, Clement Fd, Beziers, Barcelona. don’t know how many km, not that geeky, but over a 1000)

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