the floor is finished

practical stuff

floor recipe : old beams from the tip, bits of ceiling board, old wardrobe and luxury pallets nailed on. and a few carefully chosen rocks wedged under the dodgy bits. 1000 nails = $4.85 euros   25 nails =  1.25 euros   and then i used a shitload more than i thought i would. i’m starting to think that i can do things pretty well myself, it just takes about 5-10 times as long as a pro – but i’m gettling pretty nifty with a chisel.

tomato growing recipe : compost, horse manure, a layer of wet newspaper and a mound of earth. straw from the cowboy ranchero who lives in the next valley  (i reached new depths of skanky when i shovelled horse shit into bin bags and loaded it in the back of the van :0 ). a proper shitload of water like 50 litres a day for the first couple of days, and a very poorly constructed duck tape irrigation system which doesn’t work.  i was pleasantly surprised to see the veggies surivive gaps of four to five days in between waterings.  but these three weeks i’m in the uk may be pushing it

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