canyoning weekend

4 almost naked people

you’re going to be sorely disappointed by the lack of photos of this trip. there’s 1. but canyons are very wet and there’s just you, a 1980s wetsuit, a helmet, and shoes.

looking as wonderful as we do in the photo, we hiked for 20 mins to a cave, and struggled into our neoprene. one person ended up back to front but the strain of sorting that out massively outweighed the inconvenience of being back to front for the whole trip. we zipped up and jumped in. then jumped in again and again.

you feel pretty invincible with all the gear on – bobbing over boulders and stumbling your way through narrow corridors of rock. the water gushes or trickles or sits in deep blue pools, and every now and then the guide wedges you in a gulley and pushes you off to slide down with it. like most of the jumps, you don’t really know what you’re doing till you’ve done it and got a face full of water.

i found swimming under rocks embarasingly tricky. being geared up and buoyant i couldn’t get underwater and my head bounced along the underside of the rock while the guide dragged me under. i got better the second time and didn’t do myself any more damage until i strained my shoulder overexcitedly attempting to scale a waterfall.

the last jump was the real test, and phil was the only one to pass. there were two options, climb down and jump a couple of metres with the waterfall or climb up and take a one step run up to clear about a metre of rocks. me and alexis did the first, fran did neither and phil climbed up. i’d have talked any of my friends out of it if we weren’t with a guide and he did look genuinely scared, i wonder how many times this has gone wrong in the past. but on the second approach he went for it and didn’t even scream like a girl. (that’s a lie, he did.  but you probably would have too)

i don’t know about the others but i was full of pins and needles and bruises on the way back to the van. must do better next time  🙂

(practical stuff : we went with esgambi sports based in horta de san joan, els ports are the mounatins and it cost 33 euros each)

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