the results of the home composting experiment are in, and they’re pretty gross

someone told me that if i made tiny holes in a plastic bucket, put only proper composting material in, and kept it tight shut i would be able to compost on my balcony in barcelona (hopefully without arousing the suspicion of my housemates)

i only put in raw fruit and veg, egg shells, and tea bags. everything went mouldy then blackened and after a couple of months the expected skanky liquid was gathering in the old frying pan under the bucket.

eventually i had to deal with the liquid. the stench when you got close to it would probably have put most people off the whole experiment right there, but i was thinking of it as liquid plant magic.

i collected it every month or so and took it in a plastic bottle to the trees at the land. i didn’t throw stuff in for a while so i could see what was forming…. it was black, mushy and soggy, but very composty, didn’t smell too bad, the white bucket had a few black splodges where bits had stuck to the side

after 7 months and a new housemate who chucked out the kitchen bin and the curtains because they were too dirty i decided to investigate more closely and see if i could get away with continuing the expermient. the black splodges were now completely covering the sides and the inside of the lid and on closer inspection realised they were some kind of living flat non-moving worm type thing.

the sad ending to the tale, about 2 mins after the discovery of the creatures, is that the whole experiment frying pan and all, got wrapped in black bin bags and hurled delicately into a dumpster.

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