my first sleep in the yurt

and it wasn’t too freezing and i had beautiful dreams

the rain came on saturday and i didn’t bail immediately. i slid the car back up to the road – just in time i’d say – then sang to myself as i trudged back through sticky mud, its like walking in extremely heavy snow shoes. do you think its a fair guess that if i can barely walk up the hill the car wouldn’t make it?

but this was a great day because all the palava happened after i finished the yurt door – its on hinges these days and the walls are properly attached.   it turns out that digging down to make space for the door to open is not a very good idea at all, know why? i’ll give you the photo evidence next time

while i was finally taking down the destroyed tents i found this growing, what the hell is it?

it has a stalk
and little insect houses?

its very tiny like the size of, well i don’t know, shit its not the begninning of a beehouse is it?  noooooo have i been mean to the bees

super wildlife sightings : a deer ran across the track in front of me (darn i just couldn’t get the shotgun quick enough). a kingfisher – normally i just see the blue flash as they disappear off up the river but this one stuck around. a furry caterpillar kept me company at breakfast. and some cool flowers have sprung up under the dining table.

in fact the only things i could possibly be getting cross about this weekend are that the ilisu dam is still going ahead and the news that charlie brooker is getting married. but that would be being very picky.

One thought on “my first sleep in the yurt

  1. mmm, yurt dreams, lovely…

    i reckon it’s more likely to be wasps than bees in that papery dongle, at least that’s what i’d say if i encountered it over here in blighty, things might work a little different over there tho….

    glad you’ve been meeting with the animals, give them my love 🙂

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