guapos… i have a door!!!!

ok so it’s not a hanging door, but i think the door hinging task is made way easier by working with bare earth, if its too big i just dig

for those of you who think “well that looks like shit” can i remind you that i/we built it ourselves with the combined level of skill of maskell’s gcse technology class plus a bit of life experience, there was nothing there before and now there’s a yurt and its beautiful

i will sleep in it soon but my bed in the house is just so cosy and the night still has a bit of a chill, not to mention howling jabalíes

One thought on “guapos… i have a door!!!!

  1. Yay door! Good for howling jabali-proofing the inner yurt… and I like the last pic. …the inside of the yurt seems so deceptively small in the light, eh?

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