the very first thing i did this weekend was cut a piece of string and then into my finger with a stanley knife.

classy. i think the workers were impressed

me and phil did get some stuff done though.. we finished tying the second part of the wall, layed a few more bits of flooring (when i say layed, i mean put on the ground) and cut the edge of one of the foorboards as neatly as we could with a pruning saw.  a jig saw is, i believe, the name of the tool that would have been suitable for that job.

by sun down we were appreciating beer, practicing going in and out of the hobbit doorway, and realising that hammering down the new flooring may be a rash move. new tasks should aways be thought through twice, preferably discussed with a team who’ve not had three estrellas, and in this case the chance of completely f***ing everything up was high enough to stop us. (that’s something i really need to watch out for when i’m building the real house.)

phil discovered the full horror of packing up in the heat on sunday morning but by the time we got up into the mountains and were actually touching the “three heads” (officially Rocas de Benet) we forgot about that,

“there’s so much rock it kind of blows your mind. there’s so much fucking rock” phil. 25/04/10

we walked through pine trees, under eagles, next to cliffs, across a trickling muddy attempt at a stream, up spikey rocks and discovered awesomeness in the true sense of the word when we sent echoes reverberating through valleys away to the edge of the park. more and pics here

two of the three heads

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