the havoc that winter wreaked

18 03 2010

i took a camera the first day i went back after winter…..



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20 03 2010


I can’t believe you left all that shit out…..
100% AG.

20 03 2010

“O-Kay, this, was,…my kitchen and it….doesn’t look….so good, anymore……” “There’s a full gas canister…oops!”

Jejeje! You’ve got me giggling. Nice little video, Gurney!

Seriously need to get out to see all this in person…

Also: Keeping my eyes peeled for doors!


21 03 2010

was this the film you retrieved from the camera after you’d left it lying around out there too?😉

22 03 2010

That is my holiday home that’s all ripped up! Do I have to invest in another this year then? I sense a road trip to Decathlon in order🙂

22 03 2010

yerr, um sorry about that charlie eek

22 03 2010

you silly moo! whyohwhy did you leave it all out to be snowed on? your land looks like a good place to spend some time! you are doing a great thing!

22 03 2010

Better Homes and Gardens a la Catalana…

29 03 2010

when did you put the kitchen sink and the tap in? 🙂

31 03 2010

Your kitchen was truly trashed! You left tents pitched all winter? What were you thinking? I suppose one doesn’t expect anything too terrible over a winter in Spain.

31 03 2010

not TOO bad then right?

Spain is still beautiful too!

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