What to expect this season….

5 03 2014

Activities Spring/Summer 2014 – email thegurney@gmail.com to book, ask questions, or start a conversation.

Actividades Primavera/Verano 2014   - email thegurney@gmail.com para reservar, preguntar cosas, o empezar un dialogo

5/6 Marzo

- Fin de semana abierto para visitantes interesados / Open weekend for anyone who’d like to visit

8/9/10/11 Mayo

- Oportunidad para voluntarios : un fin de semana de trabajo. comida y alojamiento pagado en cambio a trabajo (mejorar el sitio y construir muebles y duchas). para los primeros dos en confirmar el transporte de Barcelona esta incluido también. hay 10 plazas y los que pueden asistir durante 4 dias tienen prioridad


- Volunteer opportunity : a weekend of work. food and campsite are offered in return for work on site (building furniture and showers). for the first two people to confirm, transport from Barcelona is also included. There are 10 places available and priority goes to people who can attend all 4 days.

23/24/25  Mayo  

- Boodaville Festival 2014 

25 – 31 Julio

- una semana de trabajo para voluntarios wwoof y otra gente que quieren visitar. Fechas para confirmar – avísame cuales fechas van bien para ti!

a week of work for wwoofers and anyone else who’s interested in visiting. dates are still to be confirmed – let me know what suits you if you’re interested in coming!

20 – 30 Agosto (para confirmar) (to be confirmed)

- “Towards sustainable living and self-reliance” An EU funded 10 day activity for youth workers.

Boodaville: The Return

5 03 2014

version en castellano

It was a beautiful sunny day for our return after six months, and a fine day to introduce Kira to the olives, but the experience was tainted by  seeing the winter damage and then discovering i’ve been robbed. The yurt roof and half the house roof were out of place so there was some wet and mouldy clearing up to do.

It’s a shame about the fridge being taken, we’d talked about moving it somewhere safer, and then didn’t. It was the most valuable thing on site by a long way. So far the only other thing i’ve seen missing is the stove from the yurt.

There was a wave of let’s go back to the city and give up on the whole thing, but it passed quickly as we fixed the damage in a couple of hours, and the weekend has left me inspired to get back to work on the 2014 objectives for this project. On the up side, the veg patch is going in it’s own direction with some spontaneous lettuce and onions and the apple tree is still alive. if i can find a second hand fridge i should be able to replace the missing stuff for a few hundred euros. Also if you build your house out of eco/natural materials then you don’t have to feel too bad when it gets blown away and deposits itself in bits all the way up the valley…

Crowdfunding Rewards!!!

6 12 2013

Recompensas del crowdfunding!
Después del éxito de la campaña en Agosto hemos llegado al momento de distribuir las recompensas. Quiero decir otra vez GRACIAS!!! a la gente que han contribuido. Si has pedido una foto – esta ya con correos, y a los que han pedido descargar la música voy a enviar un email. Los nombres de la gente que han comprado una entrada para el Boodaville Festival están con Austin y Anita, los organizadores del evento de este año. Cualquiera duda sobre el festival puedes contactar a “boodavillefestival2014@gmail.com”
Saludos y buen invierno!!

After the success of our crowdfunding campaign back in August the moment to distribute the rewards has arrived! I want to say THANK YOU again to everyone who contributed. If you asked for a photo then it’s on its way in the post, and those of you who chose music downloads will be getting an email shortly. I’ve passed on the names of people who already have tickets to the Boodaville Festival 2014 to Austin and Anita who are this years organisers. If you have questions about the festival you can contact “boodavillefestival2014@gmail.com”
Best winter wishes to all of you!!


Eco-living in the city 1

20 11 2013

Muesli Economics – how much does the healthy, eco option really cost?

Annual Report / Informe Anual

13 11 2013

This is the most detailed document yet about what we’ve achieved at Boodaville – and what we are aiming for in 2014!

Link to blog page         pdf version 

Esto es un documento con mucho detalle sobre lo que hemos hecho en Boodaville – y los objetivos para 2014!

Versión en el blog        versión pdf

the new bar

6 11 2013

yes, it looks the same as the old one but thanks to Mar Kee it has been reinforced and spruced up! a proper chiringuito that will definitely survive the winter


Think like a Forest – photos and reviews!!!

11 10 2013

Estiu_27ago2013_0214Pictures and comments about the permaculture course in August in english here

Actua como un Bosque – fotos y comentarios de nuestro curso de permacultura en castellano aqui


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