busy busy busy!

5 08 2014

so busy that i haven’t had time to update the blog, and sadly haven’t even taken any photos of our work. but there will be plenty when the course starts in August!

Thank you very much to all the volunteers and visitors during our wwoofer week(s)!! We are now so close to being ready that we are just here tweeking and improving the new showers, toilets and dining area to have everything organised by the start date!

Big up to you all – Chris, Lyle, Oceanne, Mikael, Josefin, Carlos, Serbal, Jorge, Bernat, Karin, Susanne, Mirja, Bernat Badia, (Team 1) Stefania, Anabel, Vanessa, Hector, Carla, Maria, Jordi, Alejandro, (Team 2) Farah, Jon, Marina, Heiddis (Team 3) and to Joaquin Pardet, Mario and Pauli, the builders who finished the roof – apart from the earth, and to Valentin and Jose Manuel and Esther in the hardware store. What a productive couple of weeks!



Getting a roof!!!

15 07 2014

The reason we are using concrete beams is that the green roof  will be very heavy, and the arhitects recommended making it so strong that i don’t have to worry about how much earth i put on top, or whether i get 50 people up there for a bbq. it is not eco in terms of materials used, but the energy savings because of the green roof, will eventually cancel out the energy used in the construction of the beams, and the steel used in the beams is normal  rebar – is that usually recycled metal? in the shop they told me yes, but they just like to keep the hippy happy.











Starting the permaculture design

7 07 2014

I’ve been looking at climate data that’s available on the web – in my little window of time while kira napped today i started this google doc and its public in case it’s useful to anyone!

climate data rainfall radiation for aragon, matarranya, calaceite caseres


Something scary…

4 07 2014
en castellano
….a trade agreement giving corporations even more power, (to pollute, privatise and sue govts)  #nottip #no2isds
At Boodaville I believe that a truly sustainable existence has to be extrospective as well involving individual changes in behaviour. (more here).
But you can’t support every campaign that’s important. In February I chose the  www.noTTIP.org.uk campaign because the effects of this trade agreement are terrifying (more corporate power to pollute, privatise, sue govt’s, kill bees, take away worker’s rights etc). Also there are some efficient organisations with many past successes working on this campaign. I hope i have chosen wisely and it does mean that palestine and tax havens are off my list this year, but you can’t do everything.
After a fair bit of research I’ve found what i think is the easiest and most effective way to take action and now is the moment for a BIG reaction to the closed door negotiations on the TTIP, which really might make a difference – stick up for democracy!
tell the EU consultation you are worried about this agreement  BEFORE 13th JULY, IT TAKES 2 SECONDS!
if you want to reply when you’ve done it that’d be awesome, and will motivate me to do more :)

New opportunity to invest in Boodaville!

19 06 2014

Today I’m launching Boodaville Bonds!

Did you know…

- More than 97% of all money in the global economy is created by banks when they make loans, and most of this goes into speculation and not into the real economy. This benefits the rich and increases inequality. (positivemoney.org and Bernard Lietaer “The Future of Money”)

So I am hoping to reach the level of financing I need via an alternative to the traditional banking system

Read more info here if you have €1000 to invest…


We got the funding!!!!

12 06 2014

Boodaville is proud to announce that we have been approved for EU funding through the Erasmus+ program for the event August 20-31 2014. We are working with the association “viaje a la sostenibilidad“. The course title is “Sustainable living and self-reliance” and participants from around Europe can come via our partner associations. We’ll be covering many aspects of permaculture and implementing some of the permaculture designs i’m currently working on. Big news! and lots of work…


25 – 31 Julio

una semana de trabajo para voluntarios wwoof y otra gente que quieren visitar. 

a week of work for wwoofers and anyone else who’s interested in visiting.

Contact Anna – thegurney@gmail.com

Scouts at Boodaville…

8 05 2014

jaja! worth waiting for, I love these photos, thanks for sharing them Andrea,

El CAU ha visitado a Boodaville – la unidad de Truc del Agrupament Escolta Sant Antoni Abad de Barcelona han compartido fotos de su visita 12-16 de Abril, gracias!

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